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World Wide Web Solutions Inc. is a software development company that specializes in cloud solutions (SaaS). If you need a solution to a problem or have a great idea for a software application, we can make it a reality.


Current Development Project – Resume Website Platform

Resume Writers – The resume website platform is a new tool for you to add to your existing services. A way to showcase your clients work history and accomplishments more effectively than anything else available today. A complete online profile with your clients name.com as the web address.

Resume websites include: an about me page, accomplishments page, resume page with a cover letter option, and a contact page with a form handler for privacy protection. Your clients need to publish their email address or phone number if they choose not to. Upload documents and add images and videos.

Other features include a resume builder where you can copy and paste in the information and modify or add headings to match your client’s existing resume, the ability to create multiple resume pages with cover letters to apply for different jobs, password protection and direct links to private pages so hiring managers won’t need to enter a password and they will only view the resume page that your client wants them to see.

Social media tools enable your clients to share their resume website with Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google Circles. These social media tools will assist your clients in promoting their personal brand, while making it easy for human resource professionals to share client resumes with others.

Using this technology as a marketing vehicle is an effective and efficient solution to further develop your clients personal brand, while promoting your business.

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We build software applications for business. If you need a solution to a problem or have a great idea for a software application, we can make it a reality.


Our software solutions are web based (SaaS). We’ve developed productivity applications, content management systems, databases and more.


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Mobile application development for the iPhone,  Android and Windows Mobile – Windows Phone.



Your website is a representation of your business so the design is important. You’ll need to project the right image to customers and the site must be easy to use so customers can navigate without any difficulty.  All of our websites include a CMS so you’ll be able to manage your site completely on your own. Whether you need a brochure website or full e-commerce, we can provide a great site that’s more affordable than would you expect. All websites include hosting the first year.