Personal Websites Versus Traditional Resumes

Traditional resumes are normally one or two page documents and personal websites provide a much more in depth look into a job applicants qualifications,  personality and provide a much needed online presence.

Benefits to Job Seekers 

The purpose of a resume is to get an interview. Most employers will decide in under a minute whether or not to consider someone for a position based on this short document. Because traditional resumes are limited , resumes from people with similar qualifications and experience will look the same even though they’re from different people. Sometimes it’s a matter of luck if an employer contacts a job seeker for an interview based on this document. Personal websites provide a more detailed look into a job seekers qualifications and accomplishments. When a job seeker has the necessary qualifications and provides an employer with a link to a resume website, the employer will be intrigued because the job applicant is utilizing the latest technology and going over and beyond what is required. If the personal website is done right and includes a resume page, an about me page (bio), accomplishments page and images (pictures are worth a thousand words), it will greatly increase the job seekers chances of getting an interview.

Benefits to Recruiters and Employers

When people apply for positions and send PDF’s, the employer or recruiter has to open each email, download the resume and view it. Since there are many unemployed and underemployed people job hunting, there are many job applicants applying for positions  and because of the time it takes to view each PDF, many applicant resumes may never get seen. When job applicants send a direct link to a resume page, it’s much quicker to view a job applicants resume. If an employer or recruiter likes the resume page, they can down the resume right from the resume website site and also view the job applicants complete online profile.

Benefits to Job Sites

There are millions of resumes being uploaded to job sites and because of this, job sites have an ongoing need for more and more web servers. Job sites earn revenue from recruiters and employers that are subscribers and not from job seekers, so it makes sense to eliminate this cost and pass it on to the resume website provider. Since people manage multiple resumes in their profiles to apply for different jobs, it would be better for everyone if job seekers had multiple links to different resume pages instead of resume PDF’s. The storage cost to job sites is eliminated and job sites can reduce their fees to subscribers.

Written by Paul Schlanger

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