Resume websites include an about page, accomplishments page, resume page with cover letter and contact page.


    • Automated Client Registration and Signup
    • Automatic Website Builder
    • Resume Builder
    • Designer Templates
    • Multiple Resume Pages
    • Multiple Cover Letters
    • Password Protection for Privacy
    • Direct Resume Links to Private Pages
    • Social Media & Networking Tools
    • Add Social and Business Networking Sites
    • Add Images & Videos
    • Share Resumes
    • Download Resumes
    • Print Resumes



* Multiple resume pages and cover letters are used to target specific jobs.

Resume websites are designed for the benefit of job seekers, recruiters, employers and job boards.


Resume Website Platform

World Wide Web Solutions Inc. empowers resellers to implement resume website sales into business operations immediately to increase sales and profitability.  Our state of the art resume website platform is web based and includes hosting for resellers and their clients.



Reseller Platform Features


    • Residual Income
    • Keep 100% of Your Sales
    • No Special Skills Required
    • Automated Resume Website Setup
    • No Software to Install or Maintain
    • Includes Upgrades and Maintenance
    • Easy Setup and Management
    • Platform Branded in Your Company Name & Url
    • Affiliate Program Ready
    • Back Office to Manage Clients
    • Back Office for Clients to Manage Resume websites
    • Add Client Login to Your Company Website
    • Provide Resume Websites to Job Seekers, Executives, Self Employed Professionals and Students